Introduction to Solar Film

Solar film, also known as window tint has proven to be the most effective and least expensive way to stop excessive solar heat from entering your windows. It literally prevents it from passing through the glass pane unlike other “window treatments”, which merely trap heat a few inches inside only to be re-circulated around, defeating the efforts of your cooling system.

Window film installed on the inside of your existing windows rejects up to 82% of heat, 99% of harmful U.V. radiation and up to 94% of annoying glare. All this while maintaining a crystal clear view to the outside. It is like sunglasses for your building!

John Holleman
TAMU ’76


We have been very pleased with the outcome of having our windows filmed by Sunshade to assist with making our building more energy efficient to lower our heating and cooling bills.  The job was performed in a very timely manner by courteous staff.   Cynthia Solis Brazos Valley Community Action Agency, Inc.